SHF Symbols

Channeling Symbols

Sky Healing Frontiers Symbols are a result of a decade of meditation to channel a unique transcendental energy, that has been dispensed to humanity by the blessing & Guidance of Mahavatar babaji & channeled by Dr. B Aswin Roshan
A Host of Gods & Goddesses blessed me with these unique symbols that perform various healing tasks with unparalleled power & dynamism.

1. Maha Avatar Babaji Power Symbol

► Immense power - Beyond Illusion manifesting sheer power, Potential from the divine.
► Empowers other SHF and Reiki Symbols.
► Has a consciousness of its own and we can interact with for establishing finer aspects of healing.

Maha Avatar Babaji
Maha Avatar Babaji
get Slim
get Slim

2. Remove Fat - Getting Slim

► Remove excess fat.
► Toning and shaping of body.
► Can also be applied locally where fat cells need to be dematerialized.

Pinnacle of evolution
Pinnacle of evolution

3. Pinnacle of Evolution

► Takes you to the zenith of evolution.
► Going beyond the mind, experiencing fearlessness.
► Expand the percentage of brain being used, So That one can have Extra Sensory Perception(ESP) & Heightened Sensory Perception(HSP).

Remove Foreign Objects
Remove Foreign Objects

5. Remove Foriegn Objects

► Removes toxins, foriegn materials from the body.
► Expels Ignorance as well.
► Detox & Cleanse auric mucus & other grey energy.

SHF Symbols are the core of Sky Healing Frontiers Practice.

These are the symbols initiated to participants of the SHF workshop.

Reset to max divine potential
Reset to max divine potential

4. Reset to full divine potential

► Removes the restriction that we lay upon ourselves with the ignorance of the mind.
► We often experience a surge in evolution of our consciousness briefly and then revert to our normal state. This symbol Resets us to that elated divine state.

6. Removes disturbing Thoughts

► Remove disturbing thoughts & to promote positive constructive thoughts.
► Removes the constant restless chatter of the mind and calms you down and gets you to a state of witnessing.

Remove disturbing thoughts
Remove disturbing thoughts

7. Burn & Dispose off Permanently

► Conjunction with purpose specified by other reiki symbols.
► Psychic debris, grey energy, negative emotions, residual karma, negative thoughts & Elementals can also be cleared with this symbol.

8. SHF Protection symbol

► Protect That Which is essential.
► Prevents further accumulation of Negative Impressions.

10. Initiate

► Awakening - Enlightenment.
► Krishna Consciousness.
► Christ Consciousness.
►Divine Arts & Music.

9. Shape Shift

► Shape shift yourself to a new fitter & Healthier you…
► Shiva/ Hanuman Symbol.

11. India Super Power

► To materialize the vision of india becoming a world superpower.

12. Healing Instantaneous

► Healing By Maha Avatar Babaji.


13. Clairvoyance

► Intuitively see prophetic visions in the minds eye.
► Intuition by Mahavatar Babaji.
► See Beyond Time/ Illusion in the now.

14. Quan Yin

► Transcendence , Unconditional Love,
► Compassion, Healing Essence,
► Gratitude, Power, Peace & Harmony.

Repair stitch Energy Grid
Repair stitch Energy Grid

16. Repair stich the Energy Grid

► Repair holes in the aura & pranamaya Kosha,
► Repair depletion of energy in the auric field.

15. Narayana Kavach

► Shield of Vishnu, protection by Vishnu Devatas..
► Consolidation & Protection from Inter-Dimensional Issues.

17. Make presence of any symbols fixed

► The Symbol Affixed will Stay & Heal for 21 Days.


18. Prosperity

► Brings about Material Prosperity & Abundance.
► Good Health, Good Education, Good wealth, Grain wealth,
► Beauty, Solid Fame, Good Pride, Youthfulness, Intelligence,
► Offspring, Strength, Courage, Longevity,
► Victory in all endeavors, Good Fate, Pleasant Relation.

19. Goal Manifestation

► Resident need will manifest.
► What we truly want will Manifest

21. Focus - Sudharshana Chakra

► Progressively clear away Karmic Infatuations.

20. Neutralize - Remove Radiation

► Clear Radiation emanated by Mobile towers, Electronic Devices, ► Nuclear Radiation Leakage.
► Clear the side effects of chemo therapy in treating cancer.

22. Zenith of Power In Third Eye

► Activates and Stimulate the Third Eye.
► The Third Eye is the Portal To Divine Inner Realms.

Zenith of Power in Third Eye
Zenith of Power in Third Eye

23. Allah

► Beyond Illusion,
► Pinnacle into the unknown,
► Nothingness.

24. Channeling Krodha Raja Bhairava

► Krodha Raja Bhairava is the archetype who represents the combined power & Presence of all the 64 Bhairavas and manifests himself in the soul of the healee and the healee assumes his power and this power shields & protects the healee wholly & Completely.

► karmic residue is further cleared and no negative entity can be present in the powerful towering presence of Krodha Raja Bhairava.

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