Karma Cleansing

Empower Yourself to clear your present and past life karmic impressions as ordained by the divine
through Sky Healing Frontiers.

Any healing in Reiki or other holistic healing fails due to the Karmic infatuations of the healee not allowing the healing to happen.

SHF symbols & Healing Energies is of a very highly fixed in transcendental bliss that dissolves karma & lower negative emotions

Focus Symbol

The SHF symbol "Focus" used in tantrum with other SHF symbols clears away karmic infatuations, i.e. if the divine feels one can create a change in the world by becoming a leader & have a vision that goes far beyond his personal need and merit, to serve others & Humanity.

Exponential Karmic  Cleansing

Clearing of karma is not linear but becomes exponential beyond a point & invites the person to be fixed in bliss, beyond which you drop into a state of samadhi, nothingness, fearlessness or thoughtlessness. The functional mind does exist beyond this, but you no longer are a victim of the wavering clutches of the mind, but use it as a tool to propagate in life.

exponential karma cleansing
exponential karma cleansing

Exponential curve of karma clearance.

The karma clearing is done only when you are in the path of Dharma!...

Dharma is
- 1. Dhrti (patience)
2. Ks’ama (forgiveness)
3. Dhama (self-control)
4. Asteya (non-stealing)
5. Shaoca (cleanliness)
6. Indriyanigraha (control over organs)
7. Dhii (benevolent intellect)
8. Vidya’ (spiritual knowledge)
9. Satyam (benevolent truthfulness)
10. Akrodha (non-anger)

Wheeel Of Dharma
Wheeel Of Dharma

The Wheel Of Dharma

If one does not follow the path of dharma Sky Healing Frontiers Symbols & Healing energies will simply not work, as it is guided by the Divine & Divine Will pertains to Dharma.

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