The Golden Age

Transition to Golden Age

As we are aware that there is much talk about the end of the Kali Yuga[dark ages] & we are in the confluence age the transition from dark to Golden Age.

Many pure and innocent people have already made this transition while others are in the process of doing so.

Direct Perception Of God Consciousness

    To appreciate the depth of the healing energy of Sky Healing Frontiers (SHF) one has to get into a state of samadhi or Krishna or Christ consciousness.
      Direct preception of the reality beyond the mind is made possible by the "initiate" or awaken symbol to which one is initiated in SHF. So there is not a mere intellectual understanding of what this state of samadhi or Krishna or Christ consciousness is but rather a direct experience of this energy/truth catapulting you into a realm of wisdom & Understanding.

Traits of the Golden Age

The Science - Pseudo Science Bridge

In the Golden Age people have an elated consciousness. Many arts which are deemed to be pseudo science aren't any more. The parallels between science and religion go in hand in hand.

Space Travel

There are new age biofeedback equipment that dissect the health of a person from different perspectives.
Inter-Gallectic space travel becomes a reality. New organisms materialize. New age construction materials that enable us to build bigger and taller.


The life Span of people who are in the path of dharma are significantly higher.
The Aging process of SHF healers is gradually reversed and they look significantly younger.

Parallel Global Governance

There is a parallel global governance which takes care of humanitarian crisis like hunger, shelter & lack of potable water.
Distribution of wealth resulting in improving the poverty line across the Globe.