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Third Eye Reiki Services

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Level III on 7th May 2023

The SHF Workshop is a 1-day program
9:30am to 4pm
lunch provided
Third Eye Reiki Services Center in Contact US
chromepet, chennai-44, Tamil Nadu , India.

You will be initiated to
► Sky Healing Frontiers Energy.
► Energies of "Quantum Light & Shield".
► Healing Energy of "Nectar Of Creation".

► The "Sky Healing Frontiers Symbols" - The Portal To Divine
Art & Siddhis
Click here to know in detail about SHF Symbols

Ability to connect and invoke the following
Angels & Ascended Masters
Your Personal Guardian Angel, Gods & Goddesses,
Maha Avatar Babaji ,
B Aswin Roshan,
Sky Healing Frontiers Angels,
► Third Eye Reiki Angels of Passion, Will & Direction,
Quantum Angel.

Turiya Meditation

SHF Manual, Access To Mobile App for use on the go, SHF Certification Provided, Guided Meditation,

Workshop On SHF + Reiki i.e Turbo Reiki

In short you will learn the following Healing Skills

  1. Progressive cleansing of negative karma accumulated in this lifetime and all the past lifetimes.[ Note: most people who follow the Path Of Dharma gets their karma cleansed progressively but those who resort to negative traits of life SHF Simply does not work]

  2. Clearing away negative elementals in the auric web.

  3. Clearing away the dhoshas( curses).

  4. Clearing negative and misqualified energies.

  5. Clearing away residual karma and psychic debris.

  6. Clearing away & Lifting negative entities to light.

  7. Healing and filling body with divine energy and wealth.

  8. Healing , activating and balancing the chakras.

  9. Healing of koshas and physically, mentally and emotionally.

  10. Healing the relationship problem.

  11. Healing the ailments and area of need requested by the individuals.

  12. Stabilizing the chakras and aura.

  13. Activating a psychic shield to protect the person wholly and completely.

  14. Healing with SHF symbols. how to integrate reiki symbols practice with SHF.

  15. Employing SHF & Quantum Angels Cutting the negative psychic chords of fear that are draining your energy and vitality.

  16. Healing and energizing the subconscious mind.

  17. Becoming a visionary who acts as a pillar of light, and guides others in becoming beings of light who are light workers.

  18. Having a vision & a suitable, mission so that you operate in a leader consciousness which along with the skills learnt in SHF workshop will take you to the zenith of success in one's respective field of Occupation.

Workshop On SHF + Reiki i.e Turbo Reiki

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